National Taichung University Chinese Language Center
Chinese English 聯絡我們
Course:[ 歷史課程 ]-2011 Children's Chinese Language Summer Camp ( session 2)
Registration fee:100 Tuition:15000 含保險費、午餐、下午點心、戶外教學;4月30日前報名享有9折優惠,5人團報享85折優惠 Total hour:3週/weeks
Registration Deadline:2011-07-15 23:59:00
Course Time:星期一至星期五(Mon. to Fri.) 8:30-17.00
Download:application form.doc
Course Introduction
  1. Registration fees should be made prior to the starting date of the course. Please note that materials are not included in registration and tuition fees.
  2. Course will be postponed in case of national holidays, typhoons or other natural disasters.
  3. This is a non-credit course. A Certificate of Completion is awarded with an attendance rate of not less than 5/6 of the total hours.
  4. Refund policy is made in accordance with the Education Refund Policy published by Ministry of Education R.O.C. However, a full refund will be issued where a minimum enrolment is not achieved.